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7 Easter Eggs You Didn’t Notice In The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf

Have you ever thought how easy things used to be back during childhood when we were kids and hang around with friends while gossiping about our teachers and friends? Life has somehow shaped itself extensively in the form of clusters of tensions, stress, depression, and anxiety attacks. However, we still seek some support in the form of some good shows and anime’s that can calm our strings attached in the brain and maintain mental peace, but what if I tell you that there Is a good show that can twistingly help you in charging your mental peace. This article will accentuate Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf, Nightmare of the Wolf, the Witcher, Netflix the Witcher, nightmare moon.

Let us first emphasize Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf and familiarize ourselves with the web series.

Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf

Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf is a story of “Vesemir,” who escapes from the darkness of poverty and turns into a villain. If we see from the perspective of life, then due to poverty, we often turn ourselves into a cage, where our freedom gets restricted, and our talents get killed. The same has happened in the movie, where a normal person becomes an enemy of everyone by acting as a villain. Witcher Nightmare of the wolf, i.e., Vesemir fights against all the odds in the movie to protect his pride and mere dignity. Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf is famously known as Netflix the Witcher, as it was premiered on Netlfix widely.

First Part

There has been only part of the movie, which was premiered on 23rd August 2021 on Netflix. Theo James acts as a lead where he can be witnessing as a “Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf.”

Concept of Easter Eggs

Though Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf seemed to revolve around Vesemir, other nods need to be highlighted. Such nods are divided into seven parts which can be described below:-

7. Cleanliness Concern

7 Easter Eggs You Didn't Notice
7 Easter Eggs You Didn’t Notice

We have unfortunately missed one thing in the Witcher is probably the concern of vesemir to prioritize his cleanliness. Witcher’s stay a lot of time in forests and jungles with having dirtiness all over the body. Hence, if we see closely in the movie, we can see vesemir taking a bath and giving importance to cleanliness

6. Killing the Enemies

Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf is expendable, known for vesemir dealing with his threats in the movie. It can see that when Vesemir encounters big knights, He doesn’t seem to be afraid of fighting with them alone.

5. Gods and Leshens

One thing that we may have missed in The Witcher is the face-off of vesemir and leshen. It is highlighting in the film that vesemir takes leshen lightly, and then, later on, he suffers from his intuition.

4. Mere Surprise

7 Easter Eggs You Didn't Notice
7 Easter Eggs You Didn’t Notice

Though Netflix the Witcher is full of surprises, it is trustworthy to note that we may have missed some exciting surprises like the “Ultimate Bond between Geralt and Ciri.”

3. New Witchers

7 Easter Eggs You Didn't Notice
7 Easter Eggs You Didn’t Notice

One more thing that we might not have conceptualized earlier is the entry of new witchers. The new witchers that were trained and practiced might be Lambert, Eskel, and Remus.

2. Sacrifices of Geralt

7 Easter Eggs You Didn't Notice
7 Easter Eggs You Didn’t Notice

The Witcher does not just revolve around vesemir. But it has also emphasized the character of Geralt. A surprising fact about Geralt is that he never wanted to be a witcher; he emerged as a witcher because of all those incidents that he faced in the past.

1. Love Story

7 Easter Eggs You Didn't Notice
7 Easter Eggs You Didn’t Notice

The love story between vesemir and Illyana was the ultimate surprise for all the viewers because witchers don’t fall in love most of the time.


It is irrefutable that Witcher has been a fantastic show for viewers of all age groups. By conceptualizing the seven easter eggs, it is clearer that Witcher doesn’t revolve just around vesemir and his action sequels. Perhaps, it is easy to believe that the fans will be waiting for the second part excitedly and delightedly.

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