91 Days Season 2: Release Date Confirmed  

When will you get to see 91 Days Season 2?

Crime drama is a classic genre in modern fiction as the aspect of whodunit never gets old.

Additionally, gang wars are a cornerstone of most crime drama series, which have enthralled viewers over the years.

Similar to movies and TV, anime has its own crime drama collection, which is the original work of studio Shuka’ 91 Days.

The premise is set in the United States of America during the 1932 Prohibition period, wherein alcohol and brewed liquor were important commodities.

Despite the government s’ ban on liquor sale, the Italian Mafia has a strong hold on its production, importation, and selling.

The story follows a young fellow named Angelo Legusa, whose family was slaughtered during a mafia dispute.

The chief preparator of his family s’ death is none other than the Vanetti s’ Family s’ head, Vincent Vanetti.

His family controls the lawless district, and the gang is often recognized as the top member of the Costa Nostra, i.e., American Mafia.

After seven years of hiding, one day, Angelo receives a letter from a friend, which prompts him to return to the lawless district.

Under the guise moniker of Avilio Bruno, he begins to infiltrate the Vanetti family by getting close to Vincent’s’ son, Nero.

On the path of vengeance, which lasts 91 days, Avilio Bruno, aka Angelo Lagusa, succeed in killing his family s’ murderers is the central plot of the show.

91 Days Season One was a hit, and fans are curious about 91 Days Season Two. However, there hasn’t been any official confirmation yet.

Stay tuned as we keep you updated with all the latest news and updates on 91 Days Season 2. Keep scrolling for more information.

According to MyAnimeList, 91 Days has received a rating of 7.8/10 and has garnered a membership of 708k, earning it a current rank of #887. This information can be useful in assessing the popularity and reception of the series among the anime community.

 What Is The 91 Days Season 2 Release Date?


91 Days Season One aired from 9th July 2016 to 1st October 2016 for 12 episodes and 1 OVA.

As of now, Studio Shuka has not provided any updates regarding the renewal of 91 Days for a second season.

91 Days Season 19th July 2016
91 Days Season 2Yet to be Announced

Production studios consider financial and commercial metrics like ratings, sales, and licensing revenue before renewing a series. However, not all successful shows receive a renewal due to various factors.

As previously mentioned, 91 Days Season One garnered positive reviews from both fans and critics.

Right from the premise to the climax, 91 Days keeps the viewers intrigued and interested as Avilio schemes his revenge on the mafia.

While some crime drams can be a slow burner, 91 days is fast paced and action packed with barely any dull moments.

The biggest strength of the anime is its characters, who have their own unique and twisted personalities, which facilitate plot progressions seamlessly.

Although 91 Days Season One received mostly positive reviews and ratings, the availability of the studio and source material will be a critical factor for renewal. 

These factors play a crucial role in determining the feasibility and timeline of producing a new season.

Studio Shuka is a minor production house and can’t work on multiple projects at a time.

However, the studio isn’t the biggest concern as the first season ended on a conclusive note; there is no point in continuing the main story.

Both Nero and Angelo s’ characters received a perfect closure, and an OVA was released feasting backstories of the Vanetti children.

Also, 91 Days is an original work and has no source material for creators to produce a sequel.

All in All, it’s safe to assume 91 Days Season 2 will not be happening.Given the importance of studio availability and source material, waiting for updates on the 91 Days Season 2 trailer and release date may prove to be futile.

But This series was a hit among the fans, so according to that, We may get to see season 2.

The update on the 91 Days season 2 release date may take time, but according to unknown sources, we may see its 91 Days season 2 release date in 2025.

What Will The 91 Days Season 2 Plot?

91 Days Season 2 PLOT
91 Days Season 2 PLOT

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In the final episode of 91 Days, “Slipping through Dirty Sky”, Strega s’ goon massacre every Vanetti who do not post much of a fight.

Nero finds out Angello s’ location and kidnaps him from Strega s’ goons. He also steals Cerrot s’ car and leaves Lawless.

Angelo and Nero head up to see the Atlantic Ocean against the backdrop of dying families.

Nero inquires Nero if he is satisfied with his revenge, to which the latter states he is not, as there was not a reason for being.

Angelo reminds him of his father’s’ final words, which enrages Nero, who beats him down.

Nero asks Angelo that why he did not kill him and contemplates whether he should have shot him during the fateful night.

The pair travel around for a few days, finding a reason to forgive each other. But Angelo states that the only reason he is alive is because of Nero refuses to pull the trigger.

This enrages Nero, who shoots and kills Angelo on the spot, leaving his body on the beach.

One of Strega s’ henchman notices Nero driving by without Angelo and takes him to treat his injuries.

Its later revealed that Angelo incited a war between two mafias so that he could get his revenge on the Vannetis amidst the chaos.

The episode ends with Strega giving Angelo an unnamed target and also offering a position in the family if he is successful.

91 Days Season One ended on a satisfactory note with all the characters and their plotlines being resolved. 

Given the final episode had no loose or cliffhanger endings, there is no reason for creators to start a new storyline.

How Many Character And  Crew Will Be see In The 91 Days Season 2?


91 Days is directed by Hiro Kaburag with series composition from Taku Kishimoto.

Characters are designed by Tomohiro Kishi and the music is composed by Shogo Kaida.

The show is being animated by studio Shuka with Hiromasa Ogura as the art director. Their involvement is sure to contribute to the quality and visual appeal of the series.

If you’re interested in learning more about the characters and voice cast of 91 Days, you can find the list below:

Avilio Bruno/Angelo LaguzaTakashi Kondō 
Nero VanettiTakuya Eguchi 
VannoDaisuke Ono 
Vincente VanettiKazuhiro Yamaji 
TigreKenji Hamada 
FangoKenjiro Tsuda 
Frate VanettiKōtarō Nishiyama 
Ganzo AlaryMasuo Amada 
CorteoSōma Saitō 
BarberoTakahiro Sakurai 
RonaldoYūichi Nakamura 
Mad MackAtsushi Imaruoka 
Ottimo OrcoChafurin 
DelphyHiroki Tōchi 
Don Galassia Houchu Ohtsuka 
Luce LaguzaKaede Hondo 
Elena LaguzaKanami Satou 
TroncoMakoto Furukawa 
LacrimaMayumi Asano 
CarmeloNaoto Kobayashi 
Testa LaguzaSatoshi Mikami 
CerottoSetsuji Satoh 
GranchioShinpachi Tsuji 


Conclusion  91 Days Season 2
Conclusion 91 Days Season 2

Considering the satisfactory ending of season one and the fact it’s been over six years, 91 Days Season 2 will not be happening.

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