Ayaka Season 2: Release Date Confirmed In 2025

Ayaka Season 2, will it happen?

Life after destruction is a popular trope in anime, which has been the premise of many series in recent times.

The animation has been created by Blanc Studios, with the esteemed Yoshimi Umino serving as the art director. For your reference, we have compiled a list of Ayaka characters and their respective voice cast below.

The premise is set ten years after a terrible volcanic eruption wherein Yukito Yanagi resides with his foster family on the mainland.

However, due to an unfortunate incident, Yukito has distanced himself from everyone.

During his middle school graduation, he is brought back to the same place where he was born.

Upon his late father’s’ wishes, Yukito encounters one of his disciples and discovers the supernatural element of the place.

There exist certain enigmatic entities on the island, identified as Mitama, which are known to consume negative human energy. The consumption of such energy has been observed to result in the transformation of individuals into ferocious creatures, referred to as Ara-Mitama.

Yukito also finds out that his father Makoto was a Ley Master who has special powers similar to magic that can pacify Ara-Mitama.

After discovering that he possesses similar abilities, Yukito has chosen to pursue his father’s path and protect the citizens of Ayaka.

To help him on his mission, Makoto’s’ former student, Jingi Sagawa, takes up the role of Yukito’s’ mentor.

Despite his immaturity and binge dreaming, Jingi is like an elder brother to Yukito.

Can Yukito become a first-rate Ley Master and protect the land from the rogue Mitamas is the central plot of the show.

There have been varying opinions on the first season of Ayaka. However, fans of the show are now keen on discovering any news or updates regarding a potential second season. To this end, we have compiled the latest information on Ayaka Season 2, which we present below. Please read on for the latest updates.

Ayaka: A Story of Bonds and Wounds is rated 6.4/10 and ranked #6982 with 38k members on MyAnimeList

What Is The Ayaka Season 2 Release Date?


The inaugural season of Ayaka was broadcasted from July 2nd, 2023 to September 17th, 2023, encompassing a total of 12 episodes. Currently, there have been no official reports from Blanc Studio concerning the production of Ayaka’s

Ayaka: A Story of Bonds and Wounds2nd July 2023
Ayaka Season 2Yet to be Announced

Prior to announcing any renewals, creators take into account various financial factors and commercial metrics.

As previously stated, Ayaka: A Story of Bonds and Wounds could be characterized as an average fantasy series which did not quite meet the expectations of either its fan base or critics.

Despite having an interesting premise, the plot progression and character development appear boring.

The main character and his water-based power feel underwhelming, while the lack of villains makes the fighting scenes less impactful.

The renewal of a project is contingent not only on the positive feedback and evaluations it receives but also on the accessibility of the studio and source material.

Studio Black is by no means a big production house and has only produced five animes since 2011, with a sixth one scheduled for 2024.

It may be disheartening for fans anticipating a continuation of Ayaka’s storyline to learn that none of the previous installments have received sequels. This could potentially leave them feeling unfulfilled, as the prospect of a Season 2 may have been a source of excitement and anticipation.

The chances of Ayaka Season 2 get even slimmer since the anime is an original work; thus, the creators have no readymade source material to adapt future plotlines.

Additionally, the final episode of season one was a closure for all characters, and new plotlines would need to be written for Ayaka Season 2. 

All in All, considering the reviews, studio availability, and source material, it’s highly unlikely that the series will be renewed for Ayaka Season 2.

As we all know the future is uncertain and the Ayaka Season 1 was a massive success among fans. There are some chances that we may get to see Ayaka Season 2. We will get to see the Ayaka Season 2 trailer and Ayaka Season 2 release date by the winter 2025.

How Many Manga Will Catchup In Ayaka Season 2?

Ayaka manga CATCHUP
Ayaka manga CATCHUP

Ayaka manga titled Ayaka: Muzzle Flash Back is written by GoRA and illustrated by Ryo Kuroda.

It is published by Ichijinsha and began serialization in Monthly Comic Zero Sum magazine on 28th July 2023.

There are also twelve stories created by GoRA, which go into detail about each character’s past.

Each story can be read after an episode to know more about the epilogues and behind-the-scenes. Currently, the novels are only available in Kindle format. 

What Will Ayaka Season 2 Plot?

Ayaka Season 2 PLOT
Ayaka Season 2 PLOT

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In the final episode of Ayaka Season One, “Don’t Say Such Embarrassing Things,” Haruaki and Aka make a truce over the past guilt and also succeed in tracking Yukito to take him out of this world.

Yukito accepts himself as he is and wants to protect the island despite having no friends in the past.

Makoto, albeit dead, has his soul passed into his son, which allows him to see himself more as a human than a dragon.

The episode ends with Yukito going to school on the First Island with his friends, symbolising that his days of loneliness are over.

Ayaka Season One ended on a satisfactory note, with most characters receiving some form of closure.

It’s also evident that the creators only planned a single season and thus have no reason to extend into any future plotlines.

Nevertheless, if a sequel does get announced, we can expect some backstory on Makoto as he was mostly used as a plot device.

Also, the threat of Ara-Mitama is still very much present, and with the fire dragon promising a return, a showdown could be on the cards.

How Many Character And  Crew Will Be see In Ayaka Season 2?


Ayaka: A Story of Bonds and Wounds is directed by Nobuyoshi Nagayama with series composition from Tei Rairaku.

Characters are designed by Misaki Kaneko and the music is composed by Kana Shibue.

The animation has been created by Blanc Studios, with the esteemed Yoshimi Umino serving as the art director. For your reference, we have compiled a list of Ayaka characters and their respective voice cast below.

Haruaki KuramaKousuke Toriumi 
Jingi SagawaTakuma Terashima 
Aka IbukiYuichiro Umehara 
Yukito YanagiYūto Uemura 
Chatarō FukuwakeGakuto Kajiwara 
MitamaHekiru Shiina 
Taihei MakitaJun Fukuyama 
Ibara IchijiōKana Hanazawa 
Makoto YanagiKenjiro Tsuda 
Sanji InōNobuo Tobita 
Momoko AmamiyaSaori Hayami 
Yako AmanoYuki Sakakihara 


Conclusion Ayaka-Season-2
Conclusion Ayaka-Season-2

Due to the poor ratings and conclusive ending of season one, the chances of Ayaka Season 2 happening are pretty low.

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