Blue Eye Samurai Season 2: Release Date Confirmed In 2024

We’re eagerly anticipating Netflix’s announcement for the renewal of Blue Eye Samurai Season 2. Stay tuned for updates!

Japan is famous for its culture and history, from which many animes have taken inspiration to tell the stories of various characters.

One of the most famous historical figures is the samurais, who have been represented in huge quantities as part of modern fiction.

Animes like Samurai Champloo, Rurouni Kenshin, Afro Samurai, and many more have become cult classics.

While samurai animes are not common these days, the Fall 2023 slate was an exception as Netflix s’ Blue Eye Samurai hit the small screens.

The story follows a female samurai named Mizu, who dresses as a man and is on a lethal revenge trail.

Mizu is a mixed person with piercing blue eyes living in the time of Edo Japan.

When the closed-off country prohibited foreigners within its borders, she spent her entire life being rejected by society.

As a result, Mizu sets out to bring the four white males who are still alive in Japan to their deaths as retaliation for her misfortunes and their crimes against her country.

Will Mizu, in her destructive retribution path, extract her revenge against the evil doers is the central plot of the show.

Fans are eagerly waiting for news on Blue Eye Samurai Season 2. The first season left us on the edge of our seats and we can’t wait to see what happens next.. With the show’s massive success and popularity, it’s only natural for viewers to be excited about what’s next for the characters and storyline.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on Blue Eye Samurai Season 2 renewal!

What Is The Blue Eye Samurai Season 2 Release Date?


Blue Eye Samurai Season One premiered on Netflix on 3rd November 2023 and ran for 8 episodes. 

As of now, there has been no update from Netflix regarding the renewal of Blue Eye Samurai for Season 2.

Fans are eagerly waiting for any news on the show’s future, but for now, we’ll have to wait patiently until an official announcement is made.

Blue Eye Samurai Season 13rd November 2023
Blue Eye Samurai Season 2Yet to be Announced 

Netflix will consider many financial and commercial metrics before announcing a possible renewal.

As mentioned earlier, Blue Eye Samurai Season One was a massive success, receiving critical acclaim worldwide.

The show has a 100% rating on RottenTomatoes and was ranked 86th on IMDB’s all-time list.

Furthermore, in its second week, Netflix s’ official data revealed that Blue Eye Samurai was ranked 6th worldwide with 18 hours of streaming time with over 2.9 million views.Furthermore, the series performed best in countries like India, France, and the United States of India.

Hence, its safe to conclude that Blue Eye Samurai s’ popularity is good enough to warrant a sequel.

Positive reviews aside, the availability of studio and source material will play a crucial role in determining the renewal of Blue Eye Samurai for Season 2. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!

Blue Eye Samurai is animated by studio Blue Spirit, which is a French production house.

Currently, the studio has listed two new projects, i.e., Thousand Bornes and The 4 of Baker Street, for future release.

But the considering the popularity of season one, Netflix would definitely employ the services of Blue Spirit once again.

Since Blue Eye Samurai is an original work, source material like Blue Eye Samurai manga doesn’t exist, and creators would need time to come up with a potential plotline.

However, the ending of season one left the door open for continuation in Blue Eye Samurai Season 2.

All in All,  While there has been no official announcement on the renewal of Blue Eye Samurai for Season 2, it’s been speculated that we can expect the Blue Eye Samurai Season 2  trailer and Blue Eye Samurai Season 2 release date by End 2024. 

It’s important to remember that this is just speculation, and we’ll have to wait for an official announcement to know for sure. In the meantime, let’s hope for some news soon!

What Will Blue Eye Samurai Season 2 Plot?

Blue Eye SamuraiSeason 2 PLOT
Blue Eye SamuraiSeason 2 PLOT

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In the final episode of Blue Eye Samurai Season One, “The Great Fire of 1657”, Mizu asks Ringo to stand by and wait for her to save Akemi.

Taigen finds Ringo, and they decide to crash the main gate to inform Shogun of the upcoming attack.

Seki protects Akemi and locks her father in her place, but they soon find themselves overwhelmed before Mizu arrives.

Fowler eliminates the Shogun, but his son and wives escape, which leaves Taigen to kill Shindo.

Mizu pacifies Fowler, but an unprecedented fire engulfs the castle and spreads into the city.

Fowler tries to save his life by leveraging information to Mizu about his past and how they need to travel to London to capture the two men.

He also reveals that the woman he perceived as a mother was a maid who was not sent to raise him.

Seki and Akemi close the main gates, which stops Fowler’s’ brutes from escaping, but in the process, Seki gets hit by a bullet.

In the Season 1 finale, Taigen proposes to Akemi to run away, but she chooses to stay in Edo and protect her family. This sets up an interesting storyline for Season 2, if it gets renewed.

The episode ends with Ringo heading back to his Sword Father, knowing Mizu has been obliterated in fire, but it’s revealed that Mizu is leaving Japan with Fowler as her captive.

Blue Eye Samurai Season One ended on a cliffhanger, especially the true identity of Mizu s’ mother.

With Mizu sailing away to unknown lands, her allies will be scattered and split, but it’s expected a reunion will be likely.

Akemi has finally broken ties with Tagen, and with Edo in rubble, the princess can shape her new spouse into a conduit of will.

So what with Taige, will he find his significant other in the future, and who will it be?

Blue Eye Samurai Season 2 will also delve into the Samurai s’ incredible fighting abilities and explore the mysterious blue vision.

How Many Character And  Crew Will Be see In Blue Eye Samurai Season 2?


It’s safe to say that the talented team behind the show has done an excellent job in bringing the story and characters of Blue Eye Samurai to life.

Animation is produced by the studio Blue Spirit, and streaming is licensed by Netflix.

If you’re curious about the characters and voice cast of Blue Eye Samurai, you can find the list below:

Mizu Maya Erskine 
RingoMasi Oka
TaigenDarrent Barnet
AkemiBrenda Song
SekiGeorge Takei
HeijiRandall Park
EijiCary Tagawa
ShogunKenneth Branagh
IseStephanie Hsu
KajiMing Na Wen
TakayoshiHarry Shum
ChiakiMark Dacascos


Conclusion The Blue Eye Samurai
Conclusion The Blue Eye Samurai

Considering the popularity of season one, Blue Eye Samurai Season 2 should be a no-brainer. Now it’s up to Netflix if and when they oblige with the sequel.

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