Bullbuster Season 2: Release Date Confirmed in 2025

Bullbuster Season 2, possibility explored!

Any Sci-fi action anime has some form of Mecha, which is used to fight intergalactic battles or settle differences with an evil organization.

Although this genre is slowly on the decline due to the advent of modern technology driving away figurine sales, there is still an audience that enjoys the robo-wars.

 One such series was the anime adaptation of a multimedia franchise, Bullbuster, which hit the small screens in Fall 2023.

The premise is set in a world where giant beasts have infested the population, and pest control using big robots is required to save the public.

The narrative centers on Tetsuro Okino, a fledgling engineer who is relocated to Hato Industries, a company that specializes in the extermination of vermin.

Along with his new robot, Bullbuster, Okino is transferred to an island wherein he must exterminate all the giant beasts.

Industry president Tajima is responsible for managing fuel costs, labor, and weapon, but since Hato is a small company, he struggles to make both ends meet.

Can Okino save the locals from the terrorizing creatures with the team being on a tiny budget, is the central plot of the show.

Bullbuster Season One was received with mixed reviews but those who enjoyed the show are questioning if a second instalment is on the cards or not.

For your information, we have gathered the latest news and updates on Bullbuster Season 2. According to MyAnimeList, Bullbuster has a rating of 6.1/10 and is currently ranked #8518 with 10,000 members.

What Is The Bullbuster Season 2 Release Date?


Bullbuster Season One aired from 4th October 2023 to 20th December 2023 for 12 episodes.

As of writing, there is no update from studio NUT on the renewal of Bullbuster Season 2.

Bullbuster Season 14th October 2023
Bullbuster Season 2Yet to be Announced

Production studios assess financial and commercial metrics before renewing a production. These metrics include revenue, costs, audience demographics, critical reception, and market trends.

As mentioned earlier, Bullbuster Season One was underwhelming by common census as a result it failed to make it to the top of MyAnimeList.

Looking at the reviews and ratings of season one, its fair to say the series don’t warrant a second season.

But there other factors such as availability of studio and source material which govern a potential sequel.

Studio NUT is a small production and have only produced five animes since 2017 which includes no sequels.

Additionally, the studio is capable of working on one series per year, which further diminishes the chance of a Bullbuster season 2.

Since Bullbuster is based off a multimedia franchise, creators should have readymade source material for the sequel.

However, considering the reviews, ratings and production capacity of studio, its highly unlikely that Bullbuster Season 2 would happen.

Nevertheless, strange things have happened, and a renewal could be announced if the studio thinks otherwise.

In that case, we can expect the Bullbuster Season 2 trailer and Bullbuster Season 2 release date to be by Fall 2025.

How Many Manga Will Catchup In Bullbuster Season 2?


The novel Bullbuster was written by Hiroyuki Nakao and illustrated by Eisaku Kubonouchi.

It was published by Kadokawa from 27th December 2018 and three volumes have been released as of writing.

The Bullbuster manga was written by Hiroyuki Nakao and illustrated by Hishio Itami. It began serialization in Monthly Comic Flapper on 5th October 2023.

The franchise’s’ concept book was released at Comtia122 on 23rd November 2017.

What Will Bullbuster Season 2 Plot?

BULLBUSTER Season 2 plot
BULLBUSTER Season 2 plot

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In the final episode of Bullbuster Season One, “Rise, Bullbuster! Namidome and Shiota are at war. The conflict centers around business strategy, with Namidome favoring logic and Shiota relying on intuition and determination. The outcome will determine which strategy prevails.”. Namidome joins in to eliminate the evil forces.

Before Shiota Chemical can take legal action, they have to destroy the giant beasts.

They are able to gather the bacteria samples and destroy them using electricity in the lake.

They head towards sealing the underwater tunnel but the Giant Beats or on their way and it requires Okino to eliminate the threat.

Now free of Giant Beasts, the islanders finish their task before Shiota Chemical get hold of their land.

But Tajima is successful in smuggling a bacterial sample out of the island and later hands it over to the authorities.

Shiota Chemical is bigoted by the government, and Shikuachi is captured while the islanders are allowed to go back to their homes.

At the airport, Tajima encounters Washizu, who seems to be escaping the country with the stolen sample.

But Tajima warns Washizu if he ever tries to make any more Giant Beasts, Namidome will be on him along with Bullbuster to stop him.

How Many Character And  Crew Will Be see In Bullbuster Season 2?


Bullbuster is directed and scripted by Hiroyasu Aoki. Characters are designed by Takashisa Katagiri and the music is composed by Masahiro Takuda.

The animated series “Bullbuster” has been produced by Studio NUT, with Kei Ichikura serving as the art director. For those interested in the voice cast and characters, a comprehensive list is available below.

Arumi NikaidōAsami Seto 
Tetsurō OkinoShōya Chiba 
Kintarō KataokaKen Uo 
Kōji TajimaShinichiro Miki 
Ginnosuke MutōTaiten Kusunoki 
Miyuki ShiroganeYūki Takada 
Shūichi NamariYūma Uchida 
Mitsuru InomataChafurin 
Shinya KanouchiIssei Futamata 
Nobuyo KanieKimiko Saitō 
Kyoko TajimaMie Sonozaki 
Nagisa MizuharaReina Ueda 
Yoshi KameyamaTadashi Miyazawa 
Takeya WashizuTomokazu Sugita 
Mirai TajimaYū Sasahara 
Kenichi HoriuchiYuuki Sanpei 


  1. Could you please let me know when the second season of Bullbuster is expected to be released?

    Bullbuster Season 2 can be expected sometime around Fall 2025.

  2. Has there been any official announcement made about the release date of Bullbuster Season 2?

    As of now, Studio NUT has not issued any official statement regarding the release of Bullbuster Season 2.

  3. Has the main cast or staff changed for the confirmed second season?

    No, In the event of a renewal announcement for Bullbuster Season 2, it is anticipated that the main cast will remain unchanged.

  4. What is the anticipated release date for the Bullbuster Season 2?

    It is anticipated that the next season of Bullbuster, namely Season 2, will be released in the autumn of 2025.

  5. Are there plans for the release of English dubbed versions of Bullbuster Season 2?

    Yes, once the original version finishes airing we can expect Bullbuster Season 2 dub to be made available worldwide.



The prospect of Bullbuster Season 2 seems minimal due to the poor reviews and ratings of season one.

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