Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Crazy Story Line.

Fans are thinking that Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is planning to beat DC Universe by Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Film.

But how and why?

Flash Point is an upcoming movie, and DC Universe will launch it, also it will have a multiverse.

Marvel Universe is planning to extend their Multiverse in doctor strange in the Multiverse of madness movie.

Do we have to see in both of the movies Which Multiverse is going to be more memorable?

A LATEST Leak is Coming that Marvel will spend more money on the doctor strange movie to beat DC and show their actual position.

Now let’s know about the Character’s leak and more information about this film.

How will Marvel show the Plan for the Multiverse? 

Marvel is planning to show the Plan for the Multiverse here are the two plans which will be introduced in the movie.

Plan 1:- Only One Actor and Character suppose like Chris Evans is playing the role of Captain America. He has to go on Earth one and earth two.

Plan 2:- I hope this will be the best Plan ever, that marvel cinematic universe is planning to introduce this in their movies.

In this Plan, the Character will be the same, but the actor will be changed because it’s not possible to give over and overwork to an actor.

The actor will be John Krasinski, but fans want to see John Krasinski in the role of Mr Fantastic with his wife.

But Marvel has planned differently from their fans thinking, On earth one, you will see Captain America in the role of Chris Evans. In earth two, you will see John Krasinski as Captain America.

If we talk about Female Actress, Scarlett Johansson is playing the role of a Black widow in Earth one, In earth 2, Emily Blunt will play the Character of a Black widow.

There are more characters we will see in Earth 3.

Robert Downey Junior will play the role of Iron man because this is a perfect role for him, But in earth two they will not be able to play this role because of some problems so that tom Cruise will play the role of iron man in earth 2.

Benedict Cumberbatch will play the doctor’s strange role in Earth 1. Joaquin Phoenix is playing the role of Doctor Strange in earth 2.

One of the funniest things is that the actor of Deadpool is not changing, because we all know that any of the actors will not be able to do the Deadpool role perfectly.

Only Ryan Reynolds can do this Shoot perfectly. Also, fans will boycott Deadpool if they changed the actor instead of Ryan Reynolds.

On Earth one, two, and three Ryan will do all roles on earth’s., Because he’s signed a big deal with the marvel cinematic universe MCU!! This will be the most prominent and biggest deal ever in the MCU, and I hope this Plan will beat the DC Universe.

Also, Spiderman is changing, and all the universe, first we will see Tom holland, In second, Toby Maquire, In the third universe, we will see Andrew Garfield, which will be amazing. 

So what’s your opinion about the Plans according to Marvel Universe and which will be suitable?

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