Great Pretender Season 2 Release Date Confirmed IN 2024

That’s exciting news! I’m sure fans of the anime series will be thrilled to hear about the first look and premiere date for Season 2 of Great Pretender.

The crime genre might not be as popular as shonen or isekai, but people who enjoy it from TV or movies tend to like the anime version, too.

One popular sub-genre of crime is Heist wherein the story focuses on a planned robbery and its execution with characters thrown into tense situations.

One such anime is Netflix s’ original series Great Pretender which hit the small screens Summer 2020.

The story follows Makoto Edamura, who ever since his birth, has only been used to a life of crime.

Ranging from pickpocketing to scamming and thievery, Makoto has become quite the con man who harbors great ambitions.

But due to his mother s’ ill health, Makoto needs a steady income for which he seeks out regular jobs and gets one in a rather shady company.

Unaware that his employees are engaging in fraudulent activities, Makoto is caught and imprisoned for his involvement.

After coming out of jail, Makoto his hard to find work due to his jail time and his father s’ criminal record.

With no options, Makoto resides to become a con artist and targets a tourist named Laurent Thierry.

Great Pretender Season 2 will feature a twist in which Laurent cons Makoto as he is revealed to be a fellow con artist.

Impressed and annoyed, Makoto challenges Laurent in a contest to determine Japan’s’ Greatest Scammer.

Laurent accepts Makoto’s’ challenge and points out their target in the form of a big West Coast mafia.

Who will come out trumps and become the best swindler of Japan is the central plot of the show.

Following the success of Season One, fans of Great Pretender were left wondering if there would be a second season, but now their wishes have been granted with the announcement of Season Two!

We now have an answer to the question of whether there will be a Season 2 of Great Pretender. Keep scrolling for all the latest news and updates on the upcoming season!

Great Pretender is a popular anime series with an 8.2/10 rating and over 640,000 members on MyAnimeList.

What Is The Great Pretender Season 2 Release Date?


Great Pretender Season One aired from 2nd June 2020 to 21st September 2020 for 23 episodes.,/mark>

On 17th November 2023, the show’s’ official X account announced the renewal for the sequel titled Great Pretender razbliuto, which is to be released in 2024.

To celebrate the announcement of Great Pretender razbliuto, a teaser visual and PV was also revealed.

Unfortunately, neither a precise release date nor episode count was confirmed by the creators.

Great Pretender2nd June 2022
Great Pretender razbliuto2024

The renewal comes as no surprise since the first season ended on a epilogue opening the door for a second season.

To reiterate, Netflix has confirmed that Great Pretender Razbliuto will be treated as a sequel despite episodes 15-23 being labelled as Case 5.

Looking at the previous release schedule, we can expect Great Pretender Razbliuto to premier around Summer 2024.

Check out the announcement for Great Pretender Razbliuto below.

How Many Manga Will Catchup In The Great Pretender Season 2?

Great Pretender MANGA CATCHUP
Great Pretender MANGA CATCHUP

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The Great Pretender manga is a collaboration between writer Ryota Kosawa and illustrator Daichi Marui.

It began serialization on Mag Garden s’ Mag Comi from 10th June 2020 with only a single volume released till now.

The manga has been on hiatus from 10th September 2020 due to Marui s’ ill health.

What Will The Great Pretender Season 2 Plot?

Great Pretender Season 2 PLOT
Great Pretender Season 2 PLOT

In the final episode of Great Pretender Season One, “”CASE4_9: Wizard of Far East”, Liu, Chen and Ishigami had to make some adjustments after the Suzaki-Akemi meeting.

Edamura hoped that he would present his mother a wizard figure which would be symbolic of meeting Ozaki again.

Laurent’s’ goon recreated the headquarters as he replaced the poison needle in Liu’s ring with a regular one.

When the target flees from the place, the gang begin a barrage of firing that allows them to escape.

The gang splits ways as Laurent drowns Dorothy’s’ ring in the sea, ending her revenge.

In one scene of Great Pretender, Ozaki visits his wife’s grave while Si-Won advises Kudou to move on from his daughter, as she now belongs with his ex-wife.

Cynthia adopts and raises one of the smuggled children while Abby takes a selfie at Red Rock Canyon for Edamura.

The episode ends with Laurent setting his eyes on the next con target, i.e., the President of the United States.

Since Great Pretender is an original Netflix series, there is no source material for the creators to adapt a possible plotline for Great Pretender Razbluto.

However, based on the ending of season one, we can predict how the story could shape up in the sequel.

Laurent s’ presence at the elections isn’t a coincidence and the US. President is on sight, but what is he looking to gain out of this heist?

Also, Makoto has yet to con Lauren fully so will he rejoin the con game despite his claim of not scamming people for money.

Finally, a possible romantic relationship between Abby and Makoto could be on the cards.

How Many Character And  Crew Will Be see In The Great Pretender Season 2?


Great Pretender is a must-watch anime series, directed by the talented Hiro Kaburagi and with series composition by Ryota Kosawa. With its captivating storyline and unique characters.

It’s worth noting that the characters in Great Pretender are designed by Yoshiuki Sadamoto, and the music is composed by Yutaka Yamada. 

Wit Studio is responsible for the animation production of Great Pretender, with Yusuke Takeda serving as the art director. It’s clear that the show has a talented team behind it, all working together to create a truly exceptional viewing experience.

For those interested, here is the list of characters and voice cast for Great Pretender:

Makoto “Edamame” EdamuraChiaki Kobayashi 
Laurent ThierryJunichi Suwabe 
Paula DickinsMie Sonozaki 
Abigail “Aby” JonesNatsumi Fujiwara 
Chief Anderson Atsuki Tani 
Eddie Cassano Atsushi Ono 
Miki Edamura Ayumi Tsunematsu 
Clark Ibrahim  Chikahiro Kobayashi 
Thomas Mayer Daisuke Hirakawa 
Sébastien Febreze Boutique 
Sam Ibrahim Fuminori Komatsu 
Akemi Suzaku Gara Takashima 
Luis Müller Kenji Nomura 
Shi Won KimKujira 
Isabelle Müller Mayumi Sako 
Salazar Ryōta Takeuchi 
Seiji Ozaki Shunsuke Sakuya 
Liu Xiao Shuuhei Sakaguchi 
Farrah Brown Takako Honda 
Ishigami Tomokazu Seki 
Chen Tsuguo Mogami 
James Coleman Yoshito Yasuhara 
KudouYouhei Tadano 
DorothyYuka Komatsu 
MarieYūki Wakai 


Conclusion Great Pretender Season 2
Conclusion Great Pretender Season 2

The great Pretender sequel, titled Great Pretender razbliuto, has been announced and is slated to be released worldwide in 2024.

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