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Guardians of the Galaxy Game: When will the game come out? Will it feature Rocket Guardians of the Galaxy?

Square Enix announced it’s second game in the Marvel Universe, it is creating a Guardians of the Galaxy game at E3 which is under development by Eidos. The announcement for the game was quite surprising as it is a complete new direction for the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. The game will be based on both the films and comics as well. However, it will be completely new in terms of a video game.

For year’s, we have been hearing rumours about Guardians of the Galaxy game but this time these are not rumours but actual details given for the upcoming game. As for the Marvel’s Avengers, it appears to be a sensational parting from that one as it failed to really reverberate with the fans. It’s perhaps for the greater good as the gameplay revealed looks extraordinary.

The announcement for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game was done at E3 2021 by Square Enix. From what we have seen, it appears to be a real space expedition game featuring Marvel’s favourite gang of misfits. The game appears to be greatly stimulated by Mass Effect with subdividing dialogues, choices, and the ability to lead the team as Star-Lord.

When is the Guardians of the Galaxy game releasing?

To enhance the buzz fans were surprised with a release date of 26th October 2021. The game will be suitable for last Gen and Current-Gen consoles. Recently, the Guardians of the Galaxy game was circulated but nobody expected it to compete with what we saw during the official showcase.

The Guardians of the Galaxy squad are known to be Marvel’s most popular and beloved team of characters. Hence, it’s exciting to see them getting a video game entirely dedicated to them.

 Although Marvel’s Avengers was not much of a success, it seems like that was a one-time failure for the makers and this Guardians of the Galaxy game will be a much better game and improve their stature for Marvel games coming out in future. Judging by the looks of Marvel’s Spiderman, we hope that the Guardians of the Galaxy game will be made with the same level of dedication and care.

Even though many superhero games have been developed before but it looks like the Guardians of the Galaxy game is going to be different. It will be a fun and unique experience for Marvel game lovers and will also fulfil fans’ desire to be one of the most lovable squads of desirable heroes of marvel.

After years of nothing but rumours, it appears that all the wait was worth it. Although the game is based on the film but will be distinguished from the film so don’t expect anything from the upcoming films. However, we can expect to see characters like Thanos or Nebula including the main guardians of the Galaxy squad. For now, the only characters that are confirmed are the main group including Star-lord, Rocket Guardians of the Galaxy’s rest of the heroes and Mantis.

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