How Tony Stark know Spiderman?

Peter Parker is a genius kid who always wanted to keep his identity as Spiderman private. Though it’s difficult he managed to hide his identity for almost 6 months. Though Peter Parker was genius he never knew how to cover his tracks properly and even had no idea to hide them from Tony Stark which was nearly impossible because Tony Stark being a multi-millionaire has almost all sources and was a genius who knew almost everything happening in the universe. When he got to know about Spiderman who has been saving New York and helping the cops he kept track of him to find out his real identity so that he could be helpful to him in the future.

Everyone knew that Hydra created a project insight in the year 1999 which could be known by watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Project Insight is a secret SHIELD operation that targeted Marvel Superheroes. Hydra has set their sights on many Marvel Characters I’m an agent of shield season 7. Tony Stark also had a similar technology which helped I’m knowing the identity of Spiderman. When Tony Stark required a superhero who could assist him in the fight with Steve Rogers he considers Spiderman as the perfect choice who could assist him.

Spiderman has many superpowers and he is more agile in nature and has the ability to do super reflexes which enables him to save people and even stop cars and trains. His super-quick reflexes are considered to more important than super strength. As we recall Tony Stark who pays a surprise visit to Spiderman and shows him video footage in which Peter Parker stopping a car which is traveling at high speed. Many actions of spider man have drawn the attention of Tony Stark. Whenever there is an emergency Peter Parker used to dress up as spider man in the streets which were recorded and it isn’t a big issue for Tony Stark to view it who has a personal satellite. It isn’t hard for Tony Stark to triangulate the position and identify the person behind the mask of Spiderman.

Tony Stark has an artificial intelligence somewhere that has been running behind the statistics of crime. If the crime statistics are high, Tony Stark could know there are is a need for superheroes, and that is the reason Tony Stark built Ultron. So Tony Stark who has artificial intelligence observed all the superheroes. When he wanted some superhero to support him during the fight with Captain America help him fight with Steve Rogers. Tony Stark is emotionally attached to Peter Parker. Tony Stark generally doesn’t trust anybody but he trusted Spiderman.

In the MCU Tony Stark always take care of spider man as a son as he wanted Peter Parker to transform into a better superhero than himself. Peter Parker is a teenager who was always been dependent and Tony tried hard to bring out the independence from him which gave Peter Parker self-confidence and perspective. Peter Parker also respects Tony. He views Tony Stark as his father. Peter is intimidated by Tony but not scared of him. He always wanted to be to the side of Tony and considers him as an idol. Peter Parker wanted to become as great as Tony Stark and save the entire universe and moreover, he always wanted to work with Tony Stark.

Tony always took care of Spiderman, and he considered Peter under his wing from the beginning. He always wanted to make Spiderman powerful and mentored him with all the required abilities. When Thanos snapped out half of the universes out from existence Peter Parker is alongside Tony Stark on Titan. Peter Parker was also snapped out during that along with the remaining people. Tony always wanted and insisted Peter Parker be a better hero and in turn, Peter Parker wanted Tony Stark to be a father-like figure.

Tony Stark and Peter Parker were emotionally attached and the death of Peter Parker on the Titan has a huge impact on Tony Stark. Though Tony Stark wasn’t responsible for it, he had the guilt for five years, and he completely became a grounded person after he quit Avengers. Tony Stark created EDITH during those 5 years’ time. He wanted to give it to Peter Parker posthumously.

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