Metamorphosis Anime: Is it Happening + Release Date Confirmed 2024?

Metamorphosis Anime latest update!

Few animes are always hot topics of discussion when it comes to adaption as fans wonder when their favourite series will appear on the small screens.

One such series is ShindoL s’ manga, Metamorphosis, which has been quite popular among the readers.

While it’s one thing to flip the pages and enjoy the story, a completely different experience can be attained with an anime adaption.

For quite some time, fans of the manga have been wondering if Metamorphosis Anime will ever happen.

To find the answer, keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest news and updates on Metamorphosis Anime.

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What is METAMORPHOSIS Anime Plot?


The story follows a young girl named Saki, who desperately tries to fit in with her classmates at school.

Saki aspires to change her life for good, but when she meets Hayato, her life turns upside down.

Hayato begins flirting with her and even buys her favourite magazine as he keeps praising her looks.

In a nearby karaoke, Hayato kisses Saki, drugs her, and proceeds to have unconsented intercourse.

Under the influence of the drug, Hayato believes that Saki loves him, which could not be further from the truth.

After that night, the two begin to meet frequently in Love Hotels as Saki drowns in drugs and Hayato s’ presence.

However, as money begins to dry up, Saki gets desperate for drugs and, upon the advice of a friend, begins escorting old, married, and wealthy men.

From an anti-social middle schooler to a drug-addled escort, Saki’s’ life has gone full swing.

Will Saki ever come out of this death hole and fulfill his dream of socializing with classmates, is the central plot the show.



Currently, no production studio has announced the adaption of Metamorphosis anime despite false rumors and discussions.

The major stumbling block for the adaption is the genre of which Metamorphosis Anime will fall under i.e., dramatic ecchi.

Producing series on such genres would require studio who are not mainstream and operate their market in the erotica genre.

Depicting contents involving adult actives is not beneficial for any big studio, especially one which involves rape and drug abuse.

Especially when you consider that Japan has seen cases like Junko Furuta in the past, it could be a sensitive topic for viewers.

But that is not to say it’s completely impossible since there are animes like Redo of Healer that have been produced that feature dark content.

Another way to look at it is that Metamorphosis anime could educate the youth on how not to succumb to societal evils and be aware of the dangers of wrong companionship.

Hence, if someone asks what is Metamorphosis anime, one can easily narrate the plot without getting gasps from the listener.

If I conclude everything and tell you in one line, There is no reliable source for Metamorphosis anime that confirms its release date. Still, Seeing the popularity of Metamorphosis manga, we can confirm that this anime can be released.

It is difficult to tell the exact release date of Metamorphosis anime with limited rumors, but we can estimate that Metamorphosis anime will be released by the end of 2024.

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How Many Manga Chapters Will Catchup In METAMORPHOSIS Anime?


Metamorphosis manga is written by ShindoL, a Japanese American author. It began publishing from July 2013 to March 2016 in Comic X-Eros by Wanimagazine.

The manga was available digitally on 10th November 2016 and physically on 1st March 2017.

Many popular YouTubers and reviewers have talked about the manga and described its plot as dark and traumatizing.

ShindoL has described the series as educative and not for entertainment purposes.


Conclusion Metamorphosis Anime: Is it Happening + Release Date Predictions
Conclusion Metamorphosis Anime: Is it Happening + Release Date Predictions

The prospect of Metamorphosis anime is not a comfortable one as its content is not at all suitable for young viewers.

Unless the adaption comes from a studio creating erotica series, there is next to no chance of Metamorphosis anime happening.

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