Mizuryu Kei’s Apparent Departure Leaves Hololive Alternative in Disarray

Sometimes, our expectations are spoiled. Whenever a hero in any film doesn’t kill the villain, or the story remains unconnected, similar things happen in anime and cartoons, where the anime’s storyline primarily judges the characters. On a similar note, This article will deal with Mizu Ryu Kei and mizuryu kei land’s good character and entail the rumored tweet of mizuryukei.

About The Series

Mizuryu Kei Land is a Japanese anime manga series that entertains people with action, romance, and comedy. The character of mizurya Kei has amazed the viewers with his acting and dialogue delivery skills both. Mizurya Kei Land is rated 7.2/10 by the viewers, and the viewers include both kids and adults. The show’s viewers are from different countries, including India, Australia, China, Japan, etc. The show was aired from Aug 25, 2017, to Sep 29, 2017, with the producers “Luna Pictures.” But the question that persists in people’s minds is that Mizurya Kei is leaving the show or if the series is ending?

About The Controversy

Late night on Monday, a tweet was showcased on the internet, which shook the world all of a sudden; the tweet consisted of Mizurya Kei tweeting about ‘leaving the show’, which in turn exposed the true character Hololive Alternative multimedia projects Mizruya Kei (NSFW) revealed that he might be leaving the show by cutting all the existing ties with Cover Corp after having the unresponsive messages from the company. It shall be unacceptable for any actor after putting massive efforts in pursuance of giving a good show to the viewers. He further announced that he would be deleting all his hololive related work from Pixiv and DLSit, advising the fans that the work would be available for the fans if they need them in any case.

The Reply

In response to Mizuryu’s controversial tweets, the word ホロライブ (Hololive) began to trend on Twitter on Monday night, while fans were busy in reiterating their dissatisfaction with that own tweet and concluded that the artist had been finally dropped from the project, so we’ll try to stick to the facts… but some things don’t add up.

Then in furtherance of the above scenario, The Company came up with the conclusive facts about the same. They told the media that artist was asked to put down the explicit scenes, and also narrated that if the artist will not obey to the orders of company, he might have to face consequences, which in turn shall harm his reputation in the industry. This is to be expected given that the company wants to protect the public image of their talents.


The story has confronted us that the dispute would not end anytime soon. Further, it can lead to more controversies between both parties. However, it would be seen that the viewers would be affected by these rumors or not, while it is definite to say that the spectators might not witness the second season or the manga series anymore.

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