Sweet Reincarnation Season 2: Release Date Confirmed In 2025

Sweet Reincarnation Season 2, will it happen?

A trip to fantasy world sounds intriguing especially if you are reborn as a knight or a king of a vast kingdom.

To satisfy such urges is a genre called isekai which not only takes you to the land of magic but also greets you with extraordinary creatures.

In the year 2023, a plethora of isekais were released, and among them was the anime adaptation of Nozomu Koryu’s light novel “Sweet Incarnation,” which was debuted on the small screens in the Summer season.

The story follows a famous pastry maker who dies in a competition after his own sweet statues falls and kills him.

Distraught at the thought of not able to achieve his dream, a goddess takes pity and reincarnates him into another world as Pastry Mille Morteln.

He continues to explore his passion for sweet but their farmlands cannot produce the sugar and are stuck with only wheat and rice.

Additionally, the lands of the kingdom are prone to attacks from the bandits which can be stopped by magic.

Now it is up to Pastry bring in the sweet renaissance and learn magic to defend his land as he strives to create a confectionary paradise.

The inaugural season of Sweet Reincarnation proved to be a success among the viewers who relish the isekai genre. Consequently, the fans are curious to know if there are any plans for a second season.

To acquire the information you seek, please continue browsing as we provide you with the most recent news and updates concerning the second season of Sweet Reincarnation.

Sweet Reincarnation is rated 6.7/10 and ranked #5509 with 64k members on MyAnimeList

What Is The Sweet Reincarnation Season 2 Release Date?

WHAT IS The Sweet Reincarnation Season 2 release date
WHAT IS The Sweet Reincarnation Season 2 release date

Sweet Reincarnation Season One aired from 4th July 2023 to 19th September 2023 for 12 episodes.

Currently, there has been no communication from SynergySP and Comet regarding the renewal status of Sweet Reincarnation Season 2.

Sweet Reincarnation Season 14th July 2023
Sweet Reincarnation Season 2Yet to be Announced

As previously noted, the first season of Sweet Reincarnation can be considered as an average isekai anime, and consequently, it failed to make it to the top-rated anime lists of Summer 2023.

Moreover, because isekais are produced in large quantity, it become difficult for an average series to stand out amidst others.

The success of the project, as indicated by the predominantly positive reviews and ratings, hinges on the availability of studio resources and source material.

Sweet Reincarnation is jointly produced by studio SynergySP and Comet who will also work on an upcoming series Henjin no Salad Bowl in 2024.

Currently, studio SynergySP has listed two new projects for 2024 and looking at their past release schedule, its their maximum production capacity.

The good news is there is enough source material for creators to produce Sweet Reincarnation Season 2.

The likelihood of Sweet Reincarnation Season 2 materializing appears to be equally balanced, with neither a positive nor negative inclination.

Assuming the studio announces a renewal, we can expect Sweet Reincarnation Season 2 trailer and Sweet Reincarnation Season 2 release date by Summer 2025.

How Many Manga Will Catchup In Sweet Reincarnation Season 2?


Sweet Reincarnation light novel is written by Nozomu Koryu and illustrated by Seriko Lida.

It began publication on Shōsetsuka ni Narō website on 17th February 2015 and was later acquired by TO Books in October 2015.

The light novel has been published across 24 volumes, with the latest edition having been released on the 10th of July, 2023.

Sweet Reincarnation light novel is ranked #27149 with 240 members on MyAnimeList

The manga entitled “Sweet Reincarnation” is a collaborative work of Nozomu Koryu (writer) and Seriko Lida (illustrator).

The manga in question began serialization in Comic Corona on December 25th, 2017. It has since been compiled into ten volumes, with the most recent release on August 15th, 2023.

Sweet Reincarnation manga is rated 6.6/10 and ranked #13468 with 1.7k members on MyAnimeList

What Will Sweet Reincarnation Season 2 Plot?

The Sweet Reincarnation Season 2 PLOT
The Sweet Reincarnation Season 2 PLOT

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In the final episode of Sweet Reincarnation Season One, “”The Flavour of Consolation: Tarte Tatin”, Lutoroute finds out that Squale could get involved despite Petra not marrying him.

The individual in question has undergone a traumatic near-death experience resulting in emotional scarring. As a result, the individual has chosen to isolate themselves from others.

Casserole demands Pastry to help him but Squale is dying in guilt for letting his men killed.

During the celebrations, Pastry presents a cake which he says has been made accidently but the taste was a massive success.

He compares the preparation of the cake to that of the battle and asks Squale to come out of depression.

The episode ends with Pastry finally getting access to sugar which allows him to make cheesecake and experiment with different types of taste.

Although the battle is over, the real showdown starts in the kitchen as Pastry faces mishaps in the form of fermentation and fauna infestation.

Also, Pastry has made many allies but his sweet behaviour can also invite some rather sour people who he must be careful of.

How Many Character And  Crew Will Be see In Sweet Reincarnation Season 2?

Sweet Reincarnation CAST, CHARACTER AND CREW
Sweet Reincarnation CAST, CHARACTER AND CREW

Sweet Reincarnation is directed by Naoyuki Kuzuya with series composition from Mitsutaka Hirota.

Characters are designed by Tomoko Miyakawa and the music is composed by Hiroshi Nakamura.

The animation has been produced by the esteemed studio SynergySP in collaboration with Comet. The art direction responsibilities have been meticulously handled by Minoru Akiba.

Please find the accompanying list of Sweet Reincarnation characters and their respective voice actors below.

Pastry Mille MortelnAyumu Murase 
Casserole Mille MortelnHiroshi Tsuchida 
Anies Mille MortelnHitomi Nabatame 
Licorice Mille HubarekKaede Hondo 
Petra Mille HubarekKaya Okuno 
Luminito IdorihappaMaaya Uchida 
Marcarullo DorovaNatsumi Fujiwara 
Josephine Mille MortelnRumi Okubo 
Squale Mille KadorecheckWataru Katō 
Brioche Salgret Mille LetecheYōko Hikasa 
Sheets BeetwinYū Wakabayashi 


Conclusion - 2023-10-31T200833.711
Conclusion – 2023-10-31T200833.711

Sweet Reincarnation Season 2 might be a mouth-watering prospect for its fans but it’s up to the creators to come with the goods amidst their production schedule.

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