The Witcher Nightmare Of The Wolf: Who’s The More Powerful Witcher? Vesemir Or Geralt?

Netflix’s new release, The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, is a prequel to Henry Cavill’s The Witcher(vesemir). The newly released prequel is already raising the bar for the entire Witcher franchise. So far, it is turning out to be a huge success given the reviews of both critics and audiences. The spin-off special scored a whopping 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, evident proof of its success. Even though it’s too early to pass solid judgment, the response from the audience and critics has been quite positive. However, the new animated prequel raises serious questions about the entire Witcher franchise, especially its protagonists.

What makes The Witcher Nightmare Of The Wolf Different?

The Witcher Nightmare Of The Wolf a
Credit – Netflix

Nightmare of the wolf focuses on the younger version of Geralt’s mentor and father-figure Vesemir; the show is quite similar to Netflix’s The Witcher regarding the fantastical action and adventure elements that made the show this famous. However, fans noticed some significant differences between the two projects, including the two protagonists’ combat prowess. It led fans to wonder why Vesemir seems more potent than Geralt. Given the intense fight scenes of the Nightmare of the Wolf, Vesemir appears to be a better fighter. 

The thing that makes The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf different from both Netflix’s The Witcher series and the Witcher books that is the source material for the production is how they’ve done the animation. The makers have replaced live-action and CGI with a wholly animated setting. The creators of the animated prequel had a lot more creative space, especially when it comes to action sequences. 

Since Nightmare of the Wolf is an anime film, the creators can make more massive and outrageous action and fight scenes. If these scenes would have been in a live-action adaptation, it may look a little too much. However, they look stunning in an animated feature.

The Witcher Nightmare Of The Wolf
Credit – Netflix

The show-runner and creator of The Witcher series, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, took it upon herself to tell the critical difference through a video that teased the Nightmare of the Wolf trailer. It revealed that what fans saw in the new anime movie would hardly be possible in a typical live-action film. She added that a different creative approach could give birth to a different result on the big screen.

Difference Between The Characters Of Vesemir and Geralt

Witcher Blood Origin in UK
Credit – Netflix

Despite how the characters and powers of Geralt and Vesemir are represented, there are some more critical disparities between the two. The main difference is how these two are towards their profession. From what we saw in season one, Geralt’s is less talkative and hunts monsters more brutally. Also, his interactions with other characters are resolutely harsh and gritty. 

However, there were few exceptions, like the famous bathtub scene where he offers so much as a smirk. Meanwhile, Vesemir is depicted as a proud and arrogant rogue who fights with flair and physical skills. Their different styles could be the reason why their fighting styles look so dramatically distinct. Even though their fighting styles are different, without a doubt, both Geralt and Vesemir have some excellent combat skills. 

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