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The Witcher Season 2 filming inside a quarry in the Lake District with Geralt

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Henry Cavill is back with his amazing look in his recent instagram post with caption,

The Witcher Season 2 filming inside a quarry in the Lake District with Geralt.

“Witcher training focuses on three major aspects….speed, explosive power, and fitness. Which can hurt! I haven’t had the opportunity to run for miles up hill since Gibraltar many years ago! But there is no better place to get back into that groove than the Lake District here at home in the UK. This place has just stormed into my top 3 favourite places in the world! Absolutely love it.”

In his new look he is in complete shape wearing his vest and a cap. The beautiful image is taken in the Lake District of UK currently where the shooting of Witcher season 2 is going on.

Witcher season 1 was a blockbuster and everyone was amazed with the action and thrill. And the bar has been set high so actors are putting their everything to make the second season more amazing.

Henry Cavill mentioned the three major aspects in the training of Witcher which are speed, explosive power and fitness and by the images we can be assured that actors are putting their everything.

With the later part of the caption he mentioned the amount of hard work and dedication that has to be put for the role.

He also mentioned that he was not having the opportunity to run up the hills of Gibraltar years ago so we are going to see some amazing location in Witcher season 2. He also mentioned Lake district of the UK as one of his 3 favourite places in the world.

Despite of filming most of the scenes in the sets of Arborfield Studios we are going to see many amazing scenes of Lake district of UK and some of the most haunted cemetery and winter forest of London.

The quarry houses various natural hollows, including the delightful Cathedral Cave. Spectators have disclosed to us that the group has set up different ziplines all through the territory, permitting them to effortlessly convey gear here and there the quarry, where the team had recorded during the day.

Spectators additionally educated us that both Henry Cavill (Geralt) and his witcher sidekick Paul Bullion (Lambert) were on the spot. While it would seem that none of the different witchers were engaged with this specific arrangement, travelers have brought us updates on an exceptional “cast part” at the site.

On the off chance that you need to keep away from potential spoilers, avoid this section and appreciate the photos of Hodge Close Quarry beneath. The extra “cast part” seen at Hodge Close Quarry was in reality not a cast part by any stretch of the imagination, but rather a wild creature: a wolf.

From what one passerby comprehends in the wake of watching and tuning in to the team, the wolf was eating a cadaver or remains in the quarry during a scene likewise including Geralt and Lambert. This didn’t occur in the books, however it seems like an energizing new scene.

So as the excitement to this amazing series is increasing more and more with time, these images are taking our excitement to a whole new level.

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