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Thor Love And Thunder | Wandavision Release date | Spider Man 3 Update

Wanda Vision

Wanda Vision is the first show which will be presented by Disney+ and Marvel in December 2020. It’s a serial, not a movie.

It is based on Marvel Comic Characters Scarlet Witch and also knows as Wanda Maximoff.

If you watch the trailer of the Wanda Vision Show, there will be something shocking. In the trailer, Wanda vision’s character is not available, But it will be soon in the serial in December. 

We’ve Seen many worst things in the year 2020, but in the end, we can see the marvel Episodes with the main character.

I think that In Television, most of the episode length is not more than 20-30 minutes, but here are six Wanda Vision Episodes are coming. The duration will be 45-50 minutes so that we can take more enjoyment. 

Thor 4 Shooting Date

Fans are waiting for the next movie of Thor, which is “Thor 4” as “Thor Love and Thunder” but the film is not ready yet. Also, shooting is not started. Marvel says they will start the shooting on the March 2021 date, not confirmed.

Why has Thor 4 Shooting not started Yet?

Thor 4 Shooting is not started Yet Because the Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently started working on Spider-Man 3, Title of the movie is Thor Love and Thunder, which is expected to release in 2022.

Spider-Man 3 Updates

Spider-Man 3 movie shooting is running; the working Title (working title use for shooting without revealing real movie title name)of this movie is “Serenity Now” many movies of spiderman Title Contains “home” Word Such as- Spider Mna Far from Home, Spider Man Homecoming, But third is not also containing Home. 

Thor Love And Thunder Wandavision Release date Spider Man 3 Update a feshion idia

And Sony Announced that The first look of Spider Man 3 is coming in December 2020, So we all are Excited? Are you excited? 

I hope this will make our Year Well., But this is not confirmed if the trailer will come or not? For two months, shooting is running, So Maybe Teaser Can Come. 

Here are the updates of Wanda Vision Episode, Spider Man 3, and Thor Love and Thunder Shooting. If we got any updates So We will tell you. 

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