Tower of God Season 2 Confirmed + Trailer Revealed

Tower of God Season 2 gets its first look and premiere date!

Mysterious beings or objects granting wish is a trope that has been used often in many popular series.

One such series is the anime adaption of Lee Jong Hui s’ manhwa series, Tower of God, which hit small screens in Spring of 2023 slate.

The premise is set around a Tower that inhabits many intelligent beings, and as one goes higher up, the status of an individual also increases.

To raise the Tower, each floor has three layers, which feature a residential area, a testing area, and a linking network place.

Inhabitants of each floor who are deemed worthy are given the opportunity to ascend the Tower, and these people are called chosen Regulars.

The story follows a boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam, who has seen nothing outside his dirty and dingy dark cave.

One day, a girl named Rachel enters his life and completely turns it upside down. Not only does she become his close friend, Rachel also teaches him various things about the world.

But suddenly, Rachel states that she is leaving him to climb the Tower. Bam’s’ world begins falling apart, and he decides to follow her.

While caretakers of the Tower choose the worthy, Bam has opened the gates himself and is called an Irregular.

Will Bam survive the climb amidst the complex tests on each floor alongside Rachel is the central plot of the show.

Tower of God Season One was a massive success, and after its conclusion, fans were wondering if there will be a second installment or not.

Luckily, we now have an answer to that question. So, keep scrolling as we bring you all the latest news and updates on Tower of God Season 2.

Tower of God is rated 7.5/10 and ranked #1591 with 895k members on MyAnimeList


WHAT IS THE Tower of God Season 2 RELEASE DATE
WHAT IS THE Tower of God Season 2 RELEASE DATE

Tower of God Season One aired from 1st April 2022 to 24th June 2020 for 13 episodes.

On 18th November 2023, during Crunchyroll s’ Industry Panel at Anime NYC, Tower of God Season 2 was announced.

In addition, the Tower of God Season 2 trailer was revealed, and the Tower of God Season 2 release date was confirmed as a July 2024 broadcast.

Tower of God Season 11st April 2022
Tower of God Season 2July 2024

To celebrate the announcement of the sequel, a key visual featuring Rachel and Bam was revealed.

Unfortunately, neither the exact premier date or episode count for Tower of God Season 2 was shared by the creators.

Check out the announcement for Tower of God Season 2 below: 

How Many Manhwa Will Catchup In TOWER OF GOD Season 2?

Tower of God MANhwa CATCHUP
Tower of God MANhwa CATCHUP

Tower of God Manhwa is written and illustrated by Lee Jong Hui. It began serialization in Naver Corporation’s’ webtoon platform Naver Webtoon since June 2010.

The manhwa has been collected into 13 volumes, with the latest issue released on 20th July 2023.

The manhwa has been profitable with topping the ranks since 2019 with over one million comments on one chapter.

According to Line Webtoon, Tom Akel stated that Tower of God manhwa s’ weekly has been read by five million people.

Tower of God Manhwa is rated 8.3/10 and ranked #227 with 181k members on MyAnimeList

What Will TOWER OF GOD Season 2 Plot?

Tower of God Season 2 PLOT (1)
Tower of God Season 2 PLOT (1)

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In the final episode of Tower of God Season One, “Tower of God”, Rachel s’ past is revealed, wherein she thought the Tower was calling for her.

However, she was informed by the Headon that the Tower was not calling out for her as she was weak.

Rachel begs Headon to give her a chance, and when Bam arrives, clearing the first test, she becomes even more jealous.

Headon caves in and states that if Rachel beats Bam with bare hands, she will be able to climb the Tower.

Rachel asks for a particular weapon since Bam has one, and in return, Headon presents her with a bodyguard who can die once instead of her.

So, with essentially two lives, Rachel proceeds to kill Bam, who fails to do so and asks him to stay away from her mind.

Unable to close in on him, Rachel allows herself to become a hostage, which prompts Bam to help her.

Bam tries to save Rachel, but she dies; however, it is revealed the bodyguard was killed, and instantly, she pushes Bam into the Shinsu Lake.

When everyone enquires about Bam s’ presence, Rachel only says the bull came and passes out.

When she wakes up, the others assume Bam is defeated and dead; as a result, they will help Rachel reach the top.

Conflicted by the happenings, Rachel fails to control her feelings and laughs madly.

However, Bam is not dead, and he finds himself in a dark cavern wherein he decides to climb the Tower once again to seek the truth about Rachel’s’ actions.

Tower of God Season One covered till Chapter 79 of the manhwa, which means Tower of God Season 2 will begin by adapting Chapter 80.

Yuri, on her way to meet her sister Repellista, encounters one of the princesses named Khun Maschennny.

They argue about the possession of the 13-month weapons as Yuri expresses her disinterest in the Royal family.

Later, Repellista s’ butler Alumik makes tea as they get along well. Yuri asks for help to find Bam.

 How Many Character And Crew Will Be See In TOWER OF GOD Season 2?


Tower of God is directed by Takashi Sano with series composition from Erika Yoshida.

Characters are designed by Masashi Kudo and Miho Tanino, while the music is composed by Kevin Penkin.

Animation is produced by studio Telecom Animation Film, with Keeichiro Shimizu serving as the art director.

You can find the list of Tower of God characters and voice cast below:

Saori Hayami Rachel
Taichi Ichikawa Bam
Akira Sekine Anaak Jahad
Daisuke Kishio Hansung Yu
Daisuke Ono Phonsekal Laure
Hiroyuki Yoshino Quant Blitz
Hitomi Nabatame Serena Rinnen
Houchu Ohtsuka Headon
Kazuyuki Okitsu Evan Edroch
Kenjiro Tsuda Lero-Ro
Kenta Miyake Rak Wraithraiser
Mariko Honda Yuri Jahad
Nobuhiko Okamoto Khun Aguero Agnes
Rie Suegara Endorsi Jahad
Shizuka Itō Black March
Takuya Eguchi Shibisu
Toshinari Fukamachi Hatz
Yōko Hikasa Kare
Aoi Ichikawa Cheonhwa Hong 
Chinami Hashimoto Narae Seonwoo
Fumiyoshi Shioya Hoh
Genki Okawa Levin 
Hazuki Hoshino Yellowy 
Hazuki Ogino Rozeal


Conclusion  Conclusion Tower of God Season 2
Conclusion Conclusion Tower of God Season 2

Tower of God Season 2 is all set for its premiere in July 2024.

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