Why Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf Is Animated

The producer and creator of the Witcher: Nightmare of the wolf, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, revealed and explained the reason why the nightmare of the wolf is animated. The animated film is set before the events of Netflix the Witcher is inspired by the book written by Andrzej Sapkowski. The Netflix original series follows the life of Henry Cavill’s Geralt, who is a mutated Monster Hunter. 

The second season of the Witcher series will showcase Geralt, and Ciri reaching Kaer morhen, the Witcher headquarter, where Geralt spent his childhood. At the Witcher headquarters, the duo will meet Geralt’s old mentor, vesemir.

Nightmare of the wolf’s showrunner explains why the movie is animated

The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf a

However, the nightmare of the wolf revolves around a younger version of vesemir and his past life. The animated prequel shows vesemir’s life from the point where he was just a servant boy. The nightmare of the wolf is produced by the same studio that produced the legend of Korra and Voltron: the legendary defender. 

After being fed up with his life, vesemir is immediately inspired by the Witcher deglan and follows him to Kaer morhen. After a strenuous training process, vesemir becomes one of the best witchers. The witchers and kaer morhen are in danger when one of the kingdoms of the continent is invaded by the unusual beast. In the film’s climax, mage Tetra declares wars against The witchers and kaer morhen with an army of hundreds of monsters and thousands of humans. 

The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf a

On the official Twitter account of NetflixGeeked, a video of the showrunner of the nightmare of the wolf surfaced. In the video, she explains the ending of the nightmare of the wolfs and reveals how the animated film will fit into the witcher season two. The producer shows that they wouldn’t have depicted the fall of kaer morhen as beautifully in a live-action adaptation. Due to many reasons like budgetary concerns, stories are sometimes better told in animation, which allows more significant creative space.

In the upcoming season of Netflix, the witcher, Geralt and Ciri will arrive at a destroyed kaer morhen. The fortress will be filled with skeletons of humans and monsters. Thanks to the animated prequel, now we know what’s the reason behind this condition of the fort. All in all, the nightmare of the wolf did justice in the anime by delivering incredible visuals. 

Witcher Nightmare of the wolf twist Illyana

At the end of the prequel, it was also revealed that Geralt is one of the young witchers vesemir has been looking after. The mention of the fall of kaer morhen will not end with the nightmare of the wolf; it will be discussed in season two and haunt Geralt forever. In the upcoming season, Ciri will also train to become a witcher. Still, she will not undergo the trial of the grasses to become a traditional witcher like delgan, vesemir, and Geralt.

In conclusion, the nightmare of the wolf was a super hit, and it also brilliantly depicted the capabilities and origin of the witchers. The movie revealed many critical details about the witchers, including their life span obsession for money and relevance. 

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