Yama no Susume Season 5: Release Date Confirmed

Yama no Susume Season 5, will it happen?

Everyone enjoys a good slice of life as it provides a wholesome feeling that stays forever.

Anime incorporates slice of life with various genres such as sports and romance to bring us series that gives a warm fuzzy feeling.

One such series is the anime adaption of Shiro s’ manga series titled Yama no Susume or Encouragement of Climb.

The story follows Aoi Yukimura, who, since her childhood, has been passionate about climbing.

However, due to an unfortunate incident at the playground, Aoi has been frightened by heights and, as a result, confined to indoor hobbies.

Due to her indoor lifestyle, Aoi has barely made any friends and lives an exiled, antisocial life.

The life of Aoi experienced a significant improvement when she was reconnected with her dear childhood friend. This reunion has brought about a positive change in her circumstances.

Despite some hesitations due to past trauma, Aoi is dragged by Hinata to a new mountaineering expedition.

Though initially reluctant, Aoi quickly finds the thrills of her long-lasting passions as he takes on new daily challenges.

Can Aoi come out of her shell and enjoy the life of climbing as she makes new friends is the central plot of the show.

 Yama no Susume has been well received in all installments since making its premier back in Winter 2013.

Following the conclusion of Yama no Susume: Next Summit, enthusiasts were left pondering whether a sixth installment of the series would be produced or not.

To discover the answer, please continue scrolling as we provide you with the latest news and updates on the fifth season of Yama no Susume.

According to MyAnimeList, Yama no Susume has a rating of 6.8/10 and is currently ranked #4858, with a membership of 82k individuals.

What Is The Yama no Susume Season 5 Release Date?

WHAT IS The Yama no Susume SEASON 5 release date
WHAT IS The Yama no Susume SEASON 5 release date

Yama no Susume Season One aired from 3rd January 2013 to 21st March 2013 for 12 episodes.

The series was renewed for a second, which ran from 9th July 2014 to 24th December 2014 for 24 episodes.

Yama no Susume Season 3 aired from 2nd July 2018 to 24th September 2018 for 13 episodes.

Yama no Susume Season 4, titled Yama no Susume: Next Summit ran from 5th October 2022 to 21st December 2022 for 12 episodes.

As of the time of writing, Studio Eight Bit has not yet provided any updates regarding the renewal of Yama no Susume for a fifth season.

Yama no Susume Season 13rd January 2013
Yama no Susume Season 29th July 2014
Yama no Susume Season 32nd July 2018
Yama no Susume Season 45th October 2022
Yama no Susume Season 5Yet to be Announced

Prior to announcing a renewal, production studios typically take into account a variety of financial and commercial metrics.

Financially, Yama no Susume Next Summit Vol.1 sold 1,368 copies in its first week, which is impressive considering it’s priced at 13k yen and the first four episodes are a recap of seasons 1-3 with minor cuts. 

As mentioned earlier, similar to past seasons, Yama no Susume Season 4 was popular amongst the fans as it scored 7.6/10 on MyAnimeList.

In general, Yama no Susume is one of the longest running slice of life animes, and despite premiering a decade ago, the series hasn’t lost its charm.

While the reviews, ratings and finances are mostly in favour, a crucial factor for renewal will be the availability of studio and source material.

Currently, Studio Eight Bit has two projects ( Shy and Laid Back Camp) scheduled for 3rd October 2023 and 2024 respectively.

Post the sequel, seasons three and four took four years to premier which appears to be the estimated time to create a new season.

Additionally, the studio has gained far more notoriety after the massive success of Blue Lock, which is a much more profitable venture when compared to Yama no Susume.

Nevertheless, Yama no Susume is a priced asset of the studio as it’s the only series to receive multiple seasons.

Source Material should not be an issue as there is still a massive chunk left to adapt for the creators, which can be a potential storyline for Yama no Susume Season 5. 

Hence, looking at the series’ popularity and the studio’s production capacity, Yama no Susume Season 5 should be on the cards.

All in All, if the series is renewed, we can expect Yama no Susume Season 5 trailer and Yama no Susume Season 5 release date by Fall 2025.

How Many Manga Will Catchup In The Yama no Susume Season 5?

_Yama no Susume MANGA CATCHUP
_Yama no Susume MANGA CATCHUP

The Yama no Susume manga, which is both written and illustrated by Shiro, was first serialized in Comic Earth Star, a publication of Earth Star Entertainment.

The manga series for Yama no Susume, which was written and illustrated by Shiro, has been compiled into a total of 22 volumes. The most recent issue was released on September 12th, 2022. 

As of August 2021, Yama no Susume manga has sold 850,000 copies for volumes 1-21.

Yama no Susume manga is rated 7/10 and ranked #7633 with 1.8k members on MyAnimeList

What Will The Yama no Susume Season 5 Plot?

_ Yama no Susume Season 6 PLOT
_ Yama no Susume Season 6 PLOT

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In the finale of Yama no Susume Season 4, “Onward! To a New Summit”, the group being their climb to Mount Fuji after the skies give way.

To keep their focus and sprits high, the girls chant songs and stop in a hut for a quick bite.

They finally reach the eight station and Aoi listens to a bunch of climbers discussing what to eat. 

They somehow make it to the top and expresse gratitude towards each other s’ experinces.

Aoi believes that his climb would prove useful for future ventures as she sends a letter with everyone..

In Yama no Susume Season 5, as the weather takes turn and shifts from Winter to Summer, the group will begin a new advenure with its own challenges.

Aoi has successfully conquered her fear of heights but with a new adventure in sight, will she open like before.

How Many Character And  Crew Will Be see In The Yama no Susume Season 5?


Yama no Susume is directed and scripted by Yusuke Yamamoto. Yama no Susume’s animation is produced by Studio Eight Bit. The characters are designed by Yuusuke Matsuo, and the music is composed by Yamazo.

You can find the list of Yama no Susume characters and voice cast below:

Hinata Kuraue Kana Asumi 
Aoi Yukimura Yuka Iguchi 
Kaede Saitō Yōko Hikasa 
Kokona Aoba Yui Ogura 
Honoka Kurosaki Nao Toyama
Yuuka SasaharaYui Makino
Koharu SenjuinEmiri Iwai
MioAyaka Nanase
Yuri Yuko Gibu
Kasumi Takenaka Ai Yamamoto
Makoto YukimuraFuminori Komatsu
Megumi Yukimura Aya Hisakawa
Ken’ichi KuraueSeirō Ogino
Mai KuraueRyōka Yuzuki
Mai Aoba Risa Hayamizu
Taiki Kurosaki Atsushi Imaruoka


Conclusion The Yama no Susume Season 2
Conclusion The Yama no Susume Season 2

The slice-of-life camping anime will again be in demand. Considering Studio Eight Bit s’ renewal policy with this series, Yama no Susume Season 5 will most likely happen.

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